Anar Yusifov Show-Project “Golden Violin” – a compound of classical traditions with innovative technology show.

At a time when sophisticated audience, it seems, tried everything – bread and circuses – the music market is oversaturated – feature a musical project, you must agree to surprise the listener and the viewer is too difficult.

Musicians – author of the original popular violin Show – Anar Yusifov was truly hit the public and critics sound unique to the “Golden Violin.”

Launched in 2007, Shaw-Project Anar Yusifov “Gold Violin” immediately won the hearts of Russians. 3 years Anar and his musicians with great success touring throughout the country.

What is unique in show-project “Gold Violin”?

This violin music is not the standard sound – not a classic approach to the violin.
Developing a beautiful thing created by centuries, the violin Anar Yusifov in a musical treatment of his musicians – a virtuoso, able to breathe in the classics in all genres, tones, sound effects and the 21 st century technology.

“Violin Anara – the center, forming around a new world of sounds. Peace, speaking in a language devoid of conditionalities and restrictions, free from any rules. Purest violin timbre, coupled with an interesting non-standard tone, reinforces the perception that affects the most delicate sensual soul strings.

Concert program of the Project consists of 14 original numbers. Everyone – in itself independent.

Jazz, latin, pop, classical, pop lyrics, electronic music – everything is bright and mnogoharakternaya violin Anar Yusifov, who, incidentally, has its own, unique story of life in Russia. Like the show itself, the project, and his main instrument and has no analogues in the country.

Bright design of every musical number, the lyricism of string instruments, framed by modern technical arrangements, gives a stunning result: the music is filled with passion and emotional contagion, which is transmitted to each viewer. Violin Anar Yusifov, like a magic wand, brings about all the elements of stage action and seems to attracts a slightly hypnotic, surprising, feels, and talks with the audience singing.

Brief Overview:

Anar Yusifov was born in 1976 in the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan – Baku. His musical path started at an average music school at Baku Conservatoire violin with Professor AG Aliyev. Then, in 1994, Anar entered the Rostov State Conservatory. SV Rachmaninov.

“I was very lucky that my teacher was a talented violinist, Honored Artist of Russia, Professor SB Kutsovsky – says Anar Yusifov. – It is thanks to him I was able to feel the great power of music, became acquainted with the peculiarities of violin playing such great masters as David Oistrakh, Leonid Kogan, Vladimir Spivakov.

Performing manner Anar Yusifov is rich, beauty, and the volume of sound, deep penetration into the architectural design work and, of course, brilliant artistry, which ultimately gives the viewer a tremendous emotional charge. His professional career musician began in 1999

From that time till today it has gained considerable concert repertoire, which formed the basis for show-project “The Golden Violin.”

The project is “The Golden Violin” – a distinct pattern connect the classical tradition with innovative entertainment technologies to achieve maximum emotional response from our listeners. Probably, this is interesting, primarily because we want to be really interesting and do best for it. “


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